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M&M Global -What Corporate Barter could mean to you, if you let it

Miroma Managing Director Paul Mann guides M&M Global through the 5 step process of a successful barter transaction.

Overcoming challenges is part and parcel of your every day job as marketers; you’re constantly finding ways of achieving and exceeding targets with a finite set of tools at your disposal. So when it comes to newer “solutions” that help to do your job better, it’s understandable that you’re wary of the often far-fetched results many of these promise. This is how corporate barter is perceived. Traditionally considered as somewhat confusing, it promises to enhance your marketing spend. So how exactly does it deliver?

Put simply, the benefits of corporate barter speak for themselves. Firstly, it can ensure a bottom line saving. At a time of austerity, this is something most, if not all, organisations would welcome with open arms. For a number of organisations, it can turn old or unsold products directly into media spend. Think old season clothing ranges or last year’s new car- not so new and in demand any more.

In some cases, you’re even able to receive incremental cash for these products or services; and you’re not limited by what you have at your disposal. Almost any product or service can be put forward for corporate barter – you’re in no way limited by what your organisation does. The beauty of it is that it actually ensures a guaranteed and unique return on your investment, and helps your business find new routes to market.

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