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Blog: My Experience at Miroma (Zach Mandel)

In preparation for my work experience at Miroma, I do two things. Naturally, I check out Miroma’s website to understand what exactly is barter and why anyone would need it. I follow this by taking a peek at the CEO’s twitter feed, the latest entry reads ‘First mover or first loser #selfbelief‘.

After a warm welcome from Marc, Paul and the team on my first day, I quickly get to grips with the basics of barter. It’s actually a lot less complicated than I originally thought. My rather simplistic take on it would be to allow companies (of all kinds!) to exchange ‘stuff’ that they don’t need, for ‘stuff’ that they do need – crucially doing this in a way that benefits all parties. The ‘stuff’ that is needed mostly takes the form of media space.

Before I get a chance to breathe, my induction of barter is over and I’m being introduced to people from various other companies that sit within the Miroma Ventures portfolio, each exhilarating in their own right. I split the remainder of my time between Mercury Media Science (learning about the provision of funding to media owners), CONTENTed (helping to create digital content for a client that is targeting football fans) and SB.TV (working on an exciting, new NBA campaign).

Needless to say, I’ve learnt loads in my time here. It’s really hard not to with so much going on. However, there are two things that will stand above most when I walk out the door:

1. Be first mover or first loser.
It’s clear the people here continue to push themselves out of their comfort zone – embracing new ideas and different ways of doing things. Reflecting on my experience, I believe this to be a good thing. Being first mover inevitably means being a driver of change. And from my own perspective, it was much more fun driving change than I suspect it would be following it.

2. Culture is key.
Teamwork and a willingness to help others are embedded within Miroma’s culture. Without fail, each person I encountered took no hesitation in welcoming me, some spending hours of their busy time to show me the ropes. There weren’t any egos or focus on hierarchy (they even took my views on board!), just a focus on making things happen… and having fun whilst doing it.

I would like to round off by thanking all those who work in association with Miroma for my enjoyable work experience, I have cherished my experience and hope it is not the last.

Thank you Miroma

Zach Mandel, work experience guru.

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